Thursday, March 4, 2010

Preston's 3rd Birthday Weekend

Ok, so I haven't posted anything in forever. Preston just turned 3. I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast. He loves cars from the CARS movie, dinosaurs (mainly because his new big boy bed is a Pottery Barn dinosaur quilt), trains, and books! He is learning his letters! He amazes us everyday! He's so so smart! He told me the other day..."Mommy, what's this world coming to?" He told me that Tex Dinoco from the CARS movie says that. Wow! You never know what is going to come out of his mouth! Morgan is just growing like a weed. She is a feisty little thing who loves to dress up with her shoes and purses. Her new obsession is wipes. She cleans the whole house with them. A big problem when she has a dirty and I can't find a wipe to use. She is talking so much too! She loves to sing Happy Birthday and Sweet Caroline. This little girl is hilarious!

We are excited about going to Dyersburg this weekend for my nephew's 4th birthday party! Happy Birthday John Allen. We love you!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Batman Preston

Preston loves Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. We got him a costume so he could play dress up. The towels and sheets were not cutting it as capes. He is so proud of his Batman costume. He wakes up saying..."Mommy, fly with me. I'm Superman!" He is too much fun!
Preston and Morgan love riding in the laundry basket! It is all fun until someone gets hurt!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New pics of Preston and Morgan

Beach Trip with the Rogers and Walkers

We went to the beach with my family. It was wild!! We had 5 children under 5! It was so much fun to watch the boys play together. Preston loves his big cousins, Tripp and John Allen.

Brinkley's Bday weekend

We went to Dyersburg for Brinkley's first birthday party. We all had so much fun!