Monday, January 5, 2009

Preston is so ticklish

Morgan is crawling

Preston playing on his new swingset

Two Little Monkeys Jumping in the Bed

Preston got in his sister's crib last night. They both had so much fun "jumping in the bed." Watch this funny video. We had to stop filming when Preston started kicking his sister.

One more pic from Christmas. Grams and Morgan. Grams, Grandaddy, and Carol Anne were so nice to keep Morgan a few days while Preston was sick. I think that she had so much fun! She loved all the attention. Her brother wasn't there stealing the show!
We had a lot going on at Christmas. Preston, Morgan and Charles all had the rotavirus. Luckily, I did not get it. It was awful! Preston had it for about seven days. I thought I knew what sick was until I saw the rotavirus..YUCK!!!! Despite everyone being sick, we managed to have a wonderful Christmas. Preston and Morgan got a wooden playset from Nanna, Grand-D, Grams, and Grandaddy. They both love it. Santa stopped by Nanna and Grand-D's house. Preston is still terrified of him. Morgan loved him! She was so fascinated with his beard! Preston is now talking ALL the time. You can understand about half of what we says. He loves singing and dancing to rap music. It is hilarious! Morgan is now sitting up and crawling. She loves being able to move to where her brother is. Preston is just now starting to be sweet to Morgan. It took him a while. He is learning how to share his toys with his little sister...or at least the toys he doesn't want. It's a start. We were so blessed in 2008 with many wonderful memories. We pray that in 2009 everyone is healthy, we grow closer to God, and that we cherish every moment we have with these two little ones. It is so much fun to see how much they change everyday! They grow way too fast!!!