Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pine Lake Party in the Park

The PL Party in the Park was Sunday. It was so much fun! I tried to get some good pics, but it was hard. There was too much going on! Libby was having fun tickling Preston. She is too cute! A precious pic of the Barnes Family minus LG. Morgan had fun hanging out with her boyfriend Tripp.

Double Decker

We had a great time in Oxford at Double Decker. Daddy was trying to explain to Morgan and Preston that this is where they are going to school or they pay for their own way. Ha! We went to Oxford on Thursday so we got to enjoy a long weekend. Friday we went to the square and ate lunch at Ajax. It was so yummy! I forgot that all their veggies were spicy until I saw both my kids licking their lips. Sorry P and M! Mommy forgot! They just got a lot of juice after that. Grams and Grandaddy got there on Friday night and we all ate shrimp. It was great! Saturday morning we went to the Double Decker festival. It was packed! Preston got to see all the live animals (turtles, ducks, baby pig..yuck!). We loved seeing all our college friends and their children! We rushed the kids back to take naps around 3:30 for about an 1 1/2 nap. We woke them up and took them to the Ole Miss vs Georgia baseball game. We didn't think we would be there long since the kids had little sleep, but they both did awesome! Grandaddy chased Preston around the stadium and Grams and Mommy fed Morgan cheerios the whole time! We beat GA (#1) in the 8th inning! It was awesome! Here are a few pics from the weekend. Preston loved wearing Grandaddy's hat and sunglasses! So funny!

Ridgeland Kid Fest

We had so much fun at the Kid Fest in Ridgeland. Preston got to see the circus, a grizzly bear, ride the horses and the train, and share a funnel cake with daddy (or maybe daddy just ate all of the cake himself). Preston got so scared when we got there. Spongebob and Dora were the greeters. He does not like dressed up characters. Morgan had fun too...passed out in the stroller after lunch. Thanks Grams for going with us! We had a blast!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Playing at Ford's House

Preston was so excited to go play at Ford's house today. (and Mommy was too!!!) He didn't have school today so we had to get out of the house. Preston is not afraid of anything. He went down both slides and got in the big boy swing. Morgan had fun too hanging out in the grass! Thanks, Jenni and Ford for letting us come play this afternoon!

Morgan loves her Nanna

Mom came to Jackson to help out when Morgan got her tubes. Preston spent the night with Grams and Grandaddy. He had so much fun! Morgan did great! She is a different child since the tubes. She is talking, smiling, blowing kisses, giving high fives, waving bye-bye, and clapping all the time. I can't believe that my little girl is growing up. She will be one in less than a month! We love her so much!

Easter Pictures

We had a wonderful Easter! Grams and Grandaddy had an Easter Egg Hunt for the family. It was so much fun! We are so thankful for what Jesus Christ did for us!